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WWF-Malaysia Committed to Providing Safe, Nurturing Environment for Staff

Posted on 09 March 2018
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Petaling Jaya: On behalf of WWF-Malaysia, I appreciate the courage former employees have shown to come forward and share their stories, as well as the journalists who are speaking up to improve workplaces across our nation. We always welcome feedback from our partners and supporters, who enable our conservation efforts, by reaching out to us at contactus@wwf.org.my

We deeply regret to hear of the negative experiences highlighted by our former staff that they feel more could have been done to address their concerns at the time. While necessary actions were taken to address the allegations in full compliance with the procedures at the time, mediation took place and the cases were managed. Although the alleged victims, perpetrators, as well as key management staff (who were part of the original investigating team) are no longer employees of WWF-Malaysia, we have reopened an investigation into this matter out of respect for the alleged victims and to further strengthen our policies and procedures in place now. We want to reassure the alleged victims, our current staff, supporters and our partners that we do not condone acts such as sexual harassment.

We are fully committed to continue improving the working environment so our WWF Family and partners feel safe, supported and empowered to contribute to our crucial conservation mission. WWF-Malaysia has always evolved over time, with regard to our internal regulations, processes and compliance with relevant legislation. Our internal policies on staff conduct within our Terms and Conditions are continuously reviewed and enhanced, and these include a robust policy on sexual harassment. We have always ensured that each staff’s formal complaint was heard and managed professionally; and that all investigations were conducted objectively with appropriate action taken consistently.

We have reached out to our former staff and will continue our efforts. However, we understand that some individuals may not be comfortable to respond to us, and we offer the following options:
  1. WWF-Malaysia People and Development Manager
Telephone: +603-7450 3773
Email: hrhelpdesk@wwf.org.my
  1. We also understand that some individuals might have concerns in responding directly to a WWF-Malaysia staff, so they can contact an independent feminist organisation in Malaysia, All Women's Action Society (AWAM):
Hotline: +603-7877 0224
Email:  telenita@awam.org.my
Web: https://www.awam.org.my/helpline/

WWF-Malaysia is committed to strengthening efforts to ensure a safe and nurturing environment for all our staff, and maintaining Zero Tolerance to sexual harassment. We are committed to building a future where humans live in harmony with nature. We sincerely thank you for your support, which makes our conservation efforts possible.

Dato’ Dr Dionysius Sharma
Executive Director/CEO, WWF-Malaysia

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For more information, please contact:

Sheena Wong Sin-Yee
Tel: +603-7450 3773 (Ext. 6412)
Email: sywong@wwf.org.my
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