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Appealing Way to Share Green Message

Posted on 04 December 2017
Examples of adorable Ranger pullouts by Jian Goh
© WWF-Malaysia/ Suan Tan
WWF-Malaysia sincerely thanks renowned Malaysian artist, Jian Goh, for designing the adorable Ranger pullout for our quarterly Green Heart newsletter, which is distributed to our generous supporters. The creative and talented creator of the popular ‘Miao & WafuPafu’ – a charming cat and a pair of deceased, but still very cute, hamsters – has illustrated the educational Ranger pullout since March 2013.

Jian Goh, who hails from Kuching, has covered a wide range of environmental protection topics in the Ranger pullouts, from saving tigers and marine turtles, to the heroic activities of our Wildlife Warriors and the importance of conserving our forests, freshwater and protected areas.

His appealing illustrations, which feature Miao, Wafu and Pafu, are especially designed for primary schoolchildren, and present information on conservation in an engaging and fun way.
“WWF-Malaysia is very grateful to Jian Goh for lending his time and brilliant talent to help us share the conservation message. His illustrations for the Ranger pullouts are fresh, adorable and attractive, grabbing the attention and interest of younger readers. Indeed, not only our under-12 readers, but the young-at-heart of all ages, are fans of the Ranger pullouts. We hope that such an engaging and entertaining approach to environmental education will help to nurture a love for nature among children, who will be tomorrow’s leaders and conservationists. We extend to Jian Goh our heartfelt thanks,” said Suan Tan, Brand Activation Senior Manager and Green Heart editor for WWF-Malaysia.
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Examples of adorable Ranger pullouts by Jian Goh
© WWF-Malaysia/ Suan Tan Enlarge