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The Shark Hero Journey Continues

Posted on 27 July 2017
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~ Be A Shark Hero Project (BASH) ~

Petaling Jaya: WWF-Malaysia and partner Shark Savers Malaysia (SSMY) announced the continuation of its shark work by public engagement through various activities between July 2017 to July 2018. Be A Shark Hero (BASH) project is a sequel of My Fin My Life (MFML) campaign in 2016, where WWF-Malaysia entrust this new project to SSMY to take on the lead and carry out all activities as agreed.

This project will continue its advocacy on shark conservation through education and empowerment action plan. In 2016, the MFML campaign had garnered nationwide attention on the issue of shark finning and shark fin soup consumption. Hence, it is important for this advocacy to continue in order to phase out the consumption of shark fins product in Malaysia.

Project objective covers in three fold:
  1. Engage Malaysian by taking action on “Shark Finning and Consumption” through social media and public events.
  2. Promote volunteerism and empower people in protecting wildlife and nature conservation.
  3. Obtain as many businesses to remove shark fin from their corporate dining menu particularly Shark Fin caterers.
Sustainable Seafood Manager of WWF-Malaysia, Chitra Devi said, “Shark Savers Malaysia will champion the fight for sharks through the grassroots programs where else WWF-Malaysia will continue through policy advocacy and business engagement  instead. Both of this approach will help accelerate the objectives in reducing the consumption and establish better management plan for our sharks.”

“WWF-Malaysia recognizes Shark Savers Malaysia for the collaborative effort on My Fin My Life campaign last year. WWF-Malaysia believes that shark conservation is a long-term initiative and we need to continue our efforts and work with partners for a period of time before we could reverse the situation and see significant results. Hence, WWF-Malaysia is happy to join forces with Shark Savers Malaysia to reverse the present scenario of high shark fin consumption in Malaysia,” she added.

Shark Savers Malaysia (SSMY) is driving the Be A Shark Hero (BASH) starting with a series of initiatives lined up for this year’s calendar.

CEO of Shark Savers Malaysia, Abner Yap said, “To spread the awareness of saving sharks effectively, we have to inspire others to make changes and make the awareness “go-viral”. We need to engage with conspicuous conservation, be vocal and proud to be a shark hero and make others want to follow suit. SSMY has and continues to work in hand with corporates from various industries to empower them to achieve a larger shift in mindsets towards this environmental goal.”   

Launching in July, a partnership collaboration with Linkodes, a digital business card mobile application vendor with vision to go green through public environmental awareness and education is established. Excited about going viral, Linkodes has more than 30,000 users across 26 countries and has dedicated their mobile application landing page with a shout-out for this campaign. They have also incorporated “I’m a Shark Hero” name card templates for every user to freely pledge and share in their social networks. With the assistance of this intelligent automation platform, SSMY is able to reduce data entry time that volunteers take months to complete and cut out manual data entry errors therefore obtaining 100% accurate information of pledgers.

ZooBabies, a premium personalized online t-shirt printing company that has collaborated with animal support charities as well as autistic kid centres in the past, has launched their campaign t-shirt page. SSMY is proud to be selected as their first campaign beneficiary. Custom-made SSMY t-shirts will be released for sale on ZooBabies website to support SSMY’s effort in continued awareness of saving sharks. Zoobabies’s t-shirt concept idea for SSMY is to let the outfit do the talking, with the slogan “I’m a Shark Hero”. Individual names and text are added onto the t-shirts to spread thoughts and messages. All ZooBabies t-shirt are locally made in 100% cotton to ensure all day breathability and comfort.

"We are also Malaysia sole distributor of the ever-popular “Wild Republic” range of animal soft toys renowned for their non-toxic and high-standard toys. Our aim is to raise awareness about threats posed to future of many animal species. To create awareness about nature to the future generations (kids) has always been my passion. When you care about something through and through, it becomes your responsibility to act out of awareness to protect it, so we are here to let your outfit to do the talking. Spread the love around!'' Said Elaine Tan, founding partner of Zoobabies.

Next in August between 9.00pm on 5 Aug 2017 till 9.00am on 6 Aug, the 2017 ZL 12HR International Ultra-Marathon Challenge, the first-of-its-kind ultramarathon in Malaysia will be held at Bandar Sri Sendayan Negeri Sembilan, Seremban, whereby SSMY team members, individual runners, entrepreneurs and corporations from all over the world will take part in. This event aims to form its own runners community in supporting Spastic Children’s Association of Selangor and Federal Territory. One of the well known reasons to brain damage during pregnancy is consuming fish contaminated with mercury, and the food chain leads upwards to highly contaminated top big fish predators of the ocean ecosystem which sharks, swordfish, king mackerel and many others which are also consumed indiscriminately. During this event, SSMY will be using the opportunity in sharing sessions to speak up about the shark crisis to 150 CEO that is participating in the run and over 600 expected audiences, majority of higher income chinese ethnic group. SSMY team members participating in this 12 hour relay will also run with shark costumes to raise awareness of the shark depletion crisis to the public.

Following on in October 2017, a month long contest in Ang Pao designing will be conducted to support the cause whereby individuals, organisations and artists from a large cross section of communities will be welcomed to take part. The winning design will be honoured to be SSMY’s mass produced ang pao design for 2018’s year of the Dog with credit mention and in all SSMY A&P channel.

Another outdoor activity collaboration with Acexelent Sdn Bhd events will be the BASH Run slated for 11 November 2017, at Sun Suria City Sepang, whereby participants of families and kids are welcomed to take part in this 4KM conservation run. Objectives for this run, raise awareness for SSMY and share education about shark saving to Malaysian. During the event, we will have a carnival event for family gathering and dinner. Moreover, there will be a small fun fair and instant photo booth.  

SSMY is also actively seeking wedding event planners and bridal houses to collaborate meaningfully in continually raising the awareness of shark saving through education of elective non fin traditional consumption at wedding occasions. For this initiative, Berjaya Hotels and Resorts had pledged stay rewards to winning wedding couples in conjunction with Wedding Without Fins Contest. In addition, they will render support to SSMY awareness campaigns in their annual Berjaya Tioman reef clean up exercise in October.

SSMY is honoured to have the support and contributions of many individuals and corporations alike and is privileged to have Pocotee and Friends assisting SSMY campaigns through their CSR program. As Malaysia’s most famous caricature artist with millions of user downloads renowned for “WeChat” stickers, their wonderful and creative artworks has lent much meaning to the cause of shark preservation in this country and beyond. SSMY is also honoured to have iM4U as the official volunteer platform partner. As the leading youth volunteerism platform in Malaysia, the organization encourages youth volunteers to participate in SSMY campaigns to drive further awareness and interests in volunteerism and conservation.

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