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Fraser's Hill Treasure Trails

Posted on 02 April 2007
Fraser's Hill Treasure Trail
Fraser's Hill Treasure Trail
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The history of Fraser’s Hill has always intrigued many and the question on how the trails in Fraser’s Hill are so named is even more puzzling. The trails in Fraser’s Hill are treasure troves that open up the windows of the wild, unfolding rich flora & fauna.

With generous funding from Mr Frank DeLong who is currently residing in Alaska, “FRASER’S HILL TREASURE TRAILS” sets to answer many questions on its history and the significance of its many trails. It highlights on some historical figures that had played a major role in the development of Fraser’s Hill in the early 1900’s.

Selected species of flora and fauna as well as the laws protecting Fraser’s Hill as a Wildlife Sanctuary and Forest Reserve is highlighted in this booklet. A full pictorial map of Fraser’s Hill completes the picture for any visitors to Fraser’s Hill to take the step in venturing to discover the treasures in Fraser’s Hill.

Copies are available at the Tourist Information Centre and all leading resorts in Fraser’s Hill. You can also contact us for a copy.