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A Tool Kit to Implement Green Business

Posted on 23 April 2015
SSM Green Business Toolkit
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We are proud to present the The Green Business Implementation Toolkit, developed by WWF Malaysia in partnership with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), for download.  
The toolkit is a free book to help you guide your business to going green.  It focuses on 3 areas of business activities:
* Administration - Maintaining a green office
* Supply Chain - Implementing a green procurement strategy
* Operations - Greening your operations
For each of these three activities, the toolkit covers:
* The benefits of greening
* Suggestions on how to green your business in this activity
* Incentives that will help your business on its way to greening
* Suggestions on working with employees/colleagues and supplier organisations to meet environmental objectives
* How to maintain a focus on continual improvement in your company's environmental performance
* Suggestions and guide specifically for SMEs 
Many suggestions, particularly under the Green Office section, are easy and cheap or free to implement.  They will help you reduce your electricity and water usage without impacting your work.  Implementing further suggestions will reduce your liability, help you access more markets and impact the community around your business.  You will inspire loyalty from your customers, show leadership to your suppliers, and your employees will be healthier, more engaged, and more productive.  
The toolkit is a resource for continual reference.  Do have a look through the book and plan what you can start doing today, and come back to the book when you are ready to take your next steps. Furthermore, instructions on how to green your procurement process and how to set up an Environmental Management System (EMS) are given and applicable for any level of greening and size of organisation, should you wish to use them.
Do feel free to download, copy, distribute and teach from this material, provided that suitable acknowledgment of Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia as source and copyright owner is provided.