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Gunung Stong State Forest Park: A Guidebook

Posted on 17 March 2010   |  
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The Gunung Stong State Forest Park (GSSFP), with her cascading waterfalls, mountain streams and pools, and the different habitat types, attracts many visitors. Unbeknownst to many of them though is what GSSFP has to offer especially in her rich natural resources. This guide is meant to initiate the reader with in-depth information about GSSFP.

The guide starts with a general background on the history of Kelantan and GSSFP, descriptions of its biodiversity, general geological background is then provided followed by descriptions of its trails and summits that can be attempted.

Finally there is a list of accommodations offered at GSSFP and Dabong, with a list of prices and packages.
This guidebook was produced by WWF-Malaysia in collaboration with the Kelantan state government.
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