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Uber Drives Eco Campaign This Earth Hour

Posted on 21 March 2017
WWF-Malaysia x Uber
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Petaling Jaya: Uber Malaysia is joining millions around the world to shine a light on climate action this Earth Hour, by offering Klang Valley residents a sustainable mobility option. Under the ‘UberEco’ Campaign in collaboration with WWF-Malaysia, Uber Malaysia is encouraging the use of hybrid cars, which emit lower carbon emissions than regular cars. From 23 to 25 March 2017, people in the Klang Valley may request for an UberEco car in the Uber app to get a hybrid vehicle to their doorstep. For every UberEco ride taken, Uber will donate a portion of the fare to WWF-Malaysia in support of their forest conservation efforts, committing to RM10,000 in total.

YBhg Dato’ Dr Dionysius Sharma, Executive Director / CEO of WWF-Malaysia, commended Uber Malaysia for the campaign, which not only encourages the use of hybrid cars, but also supports forest conservation efforts.  “Besides providing habitats for animals and livelihoods for humans, forests also offer watershed protection, prevent soil erosion, regulate the essential water cycles and mitigate climate change. The current level of carbon dioxide is thought to be the highest in 20 million years, and scientists are working on solutions to capture and safely contain atmospheric carbon. Two key approaches are conserving forests and planting trees. A tree absorbs carbon during photosynthesis and stores it in the wood for the life of the tree, so trees act as carbon sinks – which help regulate the climate,” said YBhg Dato’ Dr Dionysius Sharma. 

WWF-Malaysia’s forest conservation efforts include: Advocacy to increase coverage of forest protected areas and working with relevant agencies to improve the management of existing protected areas; improving the management of production forests by promoting and facilitating responsible forestry and trade; as well as restoring degraded areas especially where there is a need to maintain critical forest linkages and enhance the value of forests and its services.

Leon Foong, General Manager for Uber Malaysia commended WWF-Malaysia for being a great partner to Uber, saying, “We are passionate about how our technology has made a real difference to riders and driver-partners in Malaysia, as well as to environmental conservation efforts. Last year in Kuala Lumpur alone, riders travelled a total distance that was equivalent to circling the world several thousand times! Having the power of choice to summon a ride whenever they need one has resulted in more Malaysians joining the ridesharing revolution instead of driving their own cars. Now, imagine what this could mean for the future of Malaysia; when we can plan for more parks, instead of parking lots!”

Here’s how the ‘UberEco’ campaign works:
1. Download the Uber app
2. Select the UberEco ride option
3. Set your pickup location
4. Set your destination location
5. Request your ride*

*uberX fares will apply

Demand will be high and availability limited. Only available in the Klang Valley.

For more details, please visit: pandashop.my/uber-wwf-malaysia


For further information on UberEco, please contact:
Daisy Sidhu, Rantau PR for Uber Malaysia
Tel: +60 12 2338953
Email: daisy@rantaupr.com.my
For further information on Earth Hour, please contact:
Suan Tan, Senior Manager, Brand Activation, WWF-Malaysia
(PJ Office) Tel: +60374503773
Email: stan@wwf.org.my
WWF-Malaysia x Uber
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