Read Now: WWF-IKIM’s “Islam, Pemuliharaan Hidupan Liar & Anda” Handbook Available Online | WWF Malaysia

Read Now: WWF-IKIM’s “Islam, Pemuliharaan Hidupan Liar & Anda” Handbook Available Online

Posted on 23 January 2013
WWF-IKIM’s “Islam, Pemuliharaan Hidupan Liar & Anda
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 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia – In conjunction with Prophet Muhammad’s birthday 1434H, WWF-Malaysia has made available online its reference book entitled ‘Islam, Pemuliharaan Hidupan Liar & Anda’ (Islam, Wildlife Conservation & You) which underpins environmental consciousness and stewardship, namely in wildlife protection.

Launched in July 2012 by the Chairman of the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM), Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the publication is a first of its kind in the country and a joint initiative between WWF-Malaysia and IKIM.

The publication was produced to create a larger representation of the Muslim community in conservation efforts and highlights the conservation of Species according to the teachings of Islam. Not for sale, the books are targeted specifically to those in Muslim leadership positions nationwide including Imams, preachers and educators to champion environmental issues. Published in Bahasa Malaysia, the book will soon be translated into English to reach a wider audience.

“We are pleased to share the 160-page reference book on our website and members of the public, regardless of religion, can now access this publication and learn about wildlife conservation through the Islamic lens”, said WWF-Malaysia’s Executive Director/CEO, Dato’ Dr. Dionysius Sharma.

With special focus given on Malaysia’s national icons – the tiger and marine turtle; both endangered species, Dato’ Dr. Dionysius added, ‘Now more than ever, we need to connect faith and conservation which will subsequently stir action to reverse the trend of the dwindling population of these majestic species. Compassion and care is a thread that runs through in every religion and it is hoped that the publication will resonate with readers.”

Since its launch last year, the reference book has been an effective tool in reaching out to the local communities. Last October, the Ma’Daerah Community Heritage Association (MEKAR), a community-based organisation championing turtle conservation in Kemaman, Terengganu, jointly organised a one-day workshop with WWF-Malaysia which was attended by local Imams and religious speakers. The reference book was used in advocating the direct link between Islamic obligation and the environment, with special emphasis on turtle conservation. WWF-Malaysia aims to conduct similar workshops at other projects sites.

‘Islam, Pemuliharaan Hidupan Liar dan Anda’ was produced after a Memorandum of Understanding was inked between WWF-Malaysia and IKIM in December 2011. Both parties have since been working hand in hand to promote and enhance the understanding and appreciation towards the conservation of Species according to the tenets of Islam.

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WWF-IKIM’s “Islam, Pemuliharaan Hidupan Liar & Anda
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