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INTI Supports ‘Forests for Water, Water for Life’ Project

Posted on 31 May 2018
The students with their lecturer Ms Uma Muthusamy at the wetlands.
© Photo courtesy of INTI International College Subang
WWF-Malaysia extends heartfelt thanks to Mr Kevin Lowrence, Dean of INTI International College Subang’s Center for American Education, lecturer Ms Uma Muthusamy, Ms Naomi Yang of the Career Services department, as well as their students for supporting our Employer Project. The ‘Forests for Water, Water for Life’ project objective was to educate and empower youths to build support and raise funds for WWF-Malaysia’s conservation efforts.

The project kicked off with a trip to explore the wetlands and plant mangroves on 3 March 2018 for 40 students and their lecturer. Everyone were good sports, stepping into the mud under the hot sun to plant mangrove seedlings. Mangrove forests are extremely productive ecosystems that provide numerous services to people, such as fisheries, timber and plant products, coastal protection and tourism venues.

Under the guidance of Ms Uma Muthusamy, the students then showed leadership, communications, and organisational skills, in carrying out activities on campus to support forest and water conservation. Most notable was their ability to exercise solutions oriented thinking and overcome challenges.

The Biodiversity students had to overcome challenges posed by uncooperative vendors and a water shortage, which they successfully achieved with teamwork and perseverance. The Environmental Science/Environmental Issues students had to develop a ‘Plan B’ on short notice when they were unable to secure a suitable venue for booths due to renovations. The students undertook a class-to-class charity drive based on an attractive and innovative concept inviting people to choose either a lush forest or highly urbanised cityscape. Most people voted for the green environment. The students’ hard work paid off and both classes raised about RM5,000 for WWF-Malaysia’s conservation efforts.

Please click on the links below to view:
The Biodiversity students’ final presentation:

The Environmental Science/Environmental Issues students’ video of their mangrove planting trip and main activities:

Please download the Environmental Science/ Environmental Issues students’ final presentation from the right column.

Ms Uma Muthusamy congratulated the students on their tremendous achievement despite significant challenges, and hoped that they took home good learnings from participating in this Employer Project.

Ms Naomi Yang was especially impressed with the Environmental Science / Environmental Issues students’ theme of ‘Choose’, as students always have the choice to participate wholly in all the rich learning experiences their university has to offer. She commended the students for choosing to pour so much dedication and hard work into supporting conservation through this Employer Project.

Ms Suan Tan, WWF-Malaysia Brand Activation Senior Manager, sincerely thanked INTI International College Subang, and warmly praised Ms Uma Muthusamy for devoting her time and efforts to undertake an Employer Project as well as the students for striving to deliver a successful project despite challenges that would have been significant even to professional event management companies. She was glad that the students enjoyed the project, and hopes they would serve as inspiration for all youths to support conservation in the future.
The students with their lecturer Ms Uma Muthusamy at the wetlands.
© Photo courtesy of INTI International College Subang Enlarge
The Biodiversity students with Ms Uma Muthusamy (front row, fourth from left) at their booth.
© Photo courtesy of INTI International College Subang Enlarge
The Environmental Science/ Environmental Issues students with (front row, third to fifth from right) Ms Naomi Yang, Ms Suan Tan and Ms Uma Muthusamy, at their final presentation.
© Photo courtesy of INTI International College Subang Enlarge