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INTI Subang Students Help Save Orangutans and Forests

Posted on 20 June 2017
INTI Subang Students Help Save Orangutans and Forests
© Photo courtesy of INTI International College Subang
WWF-Malaysia sincerely thanks Ms Rohayu Kosmin, Head of Program, Faculty of Commerce & Communication, Center of University of Wollongong Programs Malaysia, as well as lecturer Mr Ronald Hor and his students from INTI International College Subang’s Bachelor of Commerce (University of Wollongong Program) for building support and raising funds for WWF-Malaysia’s orangutan conservation and forest restoration efforts.
Through efforts such as designing and selling trendy T-shirts, engaging with INTI School of Hospitality’s Alkira restaurant to hold charity lunches and dinners, as well as having games booths and delicious food for sale on campus, the students raised about RM4,600 for WWF-Malaysia’s conservation work.
The students also exercised their creativity by hand drawing posters and collecting thumbprints from students and lecturers around campus to show their support for conservation. The students – who were divided into six groups to execute various elements of the project – also had to practice their problem solving, time management and persuasive communication skills; sometimes only having a couple of days to promote and complete their activity.
During the final presentation, the students shared that the project in support of WWF kept them very busy, but that they nonetheless had a lot of fun. In addition, they obtained good key learnings when translating their business theory into practice.
“WWF-Malaysia very much appreciates the meaningful and valuable support by Ms Rohayu, Mr Ronald and all the students; and would especially like to commend Mr Ronald for mentoring and guiding the students to ensure everything was executed according to plan. I’m heartened to hear that the students enjoyed themselves while applying their business theory and skills in a real world situation during this project. The funds that they have raised will help enable WWF-Malaysia to carry out restoration of logged-over and fire-impacted forest areas by replanting a mixture of native tree species, promote the protection of crucial habitats, as well as increase public awareness about the importance of orang-utan conservation,” said Ms Suan Tan, WWF-Malaysia Brand Activation Senior Manager.  
The students won an award for best Corporate Social Responsibility project during INTI International College Subang’s University of Wollongong Technopreneur Week for this WWF-Malaysia Employer Project.
INTI Subang Students Help Save Orangutans and Forests
© Photo courtesy of INTI International College Subang Enlarge