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Today, over 1 billion people lack adequate access to safe drinking water, and degradation of freshwater habitats threatens wildlife, plants and the ecosystems that people and nature depend on for survival.
Water is critical to sustaining nature, communities and businesses.
WWF and The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) have come together to conserve and protect freshwater resources around the world. By uniting our networks and people, we believe we can achieve significant results.

Why we are partnering

Water is fundamental to both WWF and TCCC.

WWF's mission is the conservation of nature and the protection of natural resources for people and wildlife. Freshwater ecosystems are a top priority in WWF's work.

Beverages are TCCC's business; water is the main ingredient in every product the Company makes. It is also used to produce the sugar, citrus, coffee, and other ingredients in TCCC products.

In Malaysia

Water security is something that most of us take for granted without realising that for many of the millions of Malaysians in the peninsula, their source of clean tap water can be traced back to two critical water catchment areas – the Ulu Muda Forest in Kedah and Fraser’s Hills in Pahang – and that a significant proportion of our fisheries resources are dependent on the freshwater ecosystem of the Setiu Wetlands in Terengganu.

However, with the recent joint “Protect Our Water, Protect Our Lives” initiative between The Coca-Cola Company and WWF-Malaysia, these priority conservation areas will now have a better chance of being protected and the millions of people whose lives depend on these areas can be assured that something is being done to ensure that the water will continue to flow.

The collaboration aims to protect these critical water catchment areas and freshwater habitats in Peninsular Malaysia’s forest landscape, increase awareness on ecosystem services, promote sustainable financing for the conservation of these areas and engage local communities to educate them on water issues. 
The three-year “Protect Our Water, Protect Our Lives” project begins in 2011 and will be implemented by WWF-Malaysia using a fund of over RM800,000 (USD268,000) from The Coca-Cola Company.

It will help ensure greater protection of the water supply for the states of Kedah, Penang, Perlis, Selangor and Pahang, thus improving water security for the livelihoods of millions of water users.

It will benefit the local population, including coastal fishermen, aquaculture operators and tour operators who depend on the conservation of the Setiu wetlands and its natural resources.

Improved protection of the three project sites will also help ensure continuation of tourism activities there, which attracts approximately 110,500 people annually.

As a primary ingredient in its products and manufacturing process, water is vital to The Coca-Cola Company and as such, it is the goal of the company to safely return to communities and nature the amount of water equivalent to what is used in all its products and production to become water neutral.
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The Coca-Cola Partnership agreement signing with WWF-Malaysia
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