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In 2016, WWF-Malaysia and Maybank Foundation embarked on a partnership to strengthen tiger conservation efforts in the Belum-Temengor Forest Complex. The vision is for Belum-Temengor to harbour about 50 tigers by 2020, contributing towards a viable population of tigers within the larger Northern Banjaran Titiwangsa Landscape. This is carried out by WWF-Malaysia through three main strategies, summarised as Protection, Monitoring and Community Engagement.​

​Tigers are an umbrella species and apex predators, therefore protecting tigers and their forested habitat will result in the protection of entire ecosystems whose services humans rely on. Back in the 1950s, Malaysia was thought to have as many as 3,000 tigers. In 2014, the number of Malayan tigers was estimated to have declined to an estimated 250-340, down from our previous best guess of 500 tigers back in 2003.

​​​​​The Belum-Temengor Forest Complex is located in northern Perak and spans about 3,000 km2 - an area of about four times the size of Singapore. It has been identified as one of three priority sites for tigers in the country under the National Tiger Conservation Action Plan. Belum-Temengor represents a critical area for tigers as the breeding population of tigers found there is an important source population for the larger Northern Main Range landscape, which, at over 8,000 km2, is one of the largest contiguous habitats for tigers in Peninsular Malaysia.​ Maybank ​Foundation’s committed funding of RM1.2 million for the first year of the four-year project will enable WWF-Malaysia to continue its existing work in the landscape.​
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