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Under the global HSBC Water Programme which is a five-year partnership between HSBC, WWF, WaterAid and Earthwatch, HDPM is supporting WWF-Malaysia’s freshwater project titled “Protecting our watershed, Our water source” for a duration of over 2 years from October 2014 to December 2016.

The project scope includes two modules:
Module 1: Protecting the Setiu Wetlands, an important water catchment area and freshwater habitat in Terengganu
The Setiu Wetlands (6,246ha) are the largest and most intact coastal wetland complex on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The wetlands and its catchment areas are threatened by land conversion for incompatible use and unsustainable development activities. The project will cover advocacy work and assessments for making a strong case / justification to address plans for incompatible development. This includes finding alternatives, along with efforts towards getting the wetlands and primarily its high conservation value areas (HCVA) protected.
•Module 2: Promoting efficient and responsible water consumption to the public through advocacy, campaigns and activities
Malaysians’ water usage per person is over 200 litres/day which is among the highest in the region. The minimum water requirement for a person to fulfil basic needs is between 50 – 100 litres per day based on studies by the United Nations. The wasteful behavior of Malaysians especially in the urban areas is due to the lack of recognition of the value of water as a result of the low water tariff. Hence, there is a strong need to educate the urban folks to not take their water for granted, to instill good water management practices through which they can reduce their consumption habits and to understand the connection between catchment forest-river systems-water security. Changing the way the public thinks about and manages water, in addition to providing them with the knowledge and skills to take the necessary actions is a critical step in helping to ensure the country’s water security.

The project will also provide HSBC employees with the opportunity to participate in meaningful staff engagement programmes throughout the project period to experience hands on conservation work.

The HSBC Water Programme is a five year, US$100m partnership with Earthwatch, WaterAid and WWF, three NGOs that rank amongst the world's most respected environmental and sustainable development organisations.  The programme also funds charities managing local water projects proposed by HSBC employees. These partnerships provide the necessary scale to deliver the powerful combination of water provision, protection and education; benefiting communities in need, enabling people to prosper, and driving economic development and growth 
HSBC Water Programme