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KL Lifestyle is the ultimate guide for city dwellers and travelers alike. Packed with information on all essentials for the best city experience, KL Lifestyle provides all readers with colourful information from sights and sounds to international gastronomical flavours to be found in the city.


Sponsoring WWF-Malaysia by dedicating 2 pages of editorial in KL Lifestyle Magazine monthly.

KL Lifestyle hopes WWF-Malaysia will help inform, educate and persuade its readers to preserve and appreciate the nature.
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Hypersurf Corporation
© Hypersurf Corporation
Poem by Hypersurf Corporation: 'I Do'
Exploited, stricken in pain,
Our mother nature agonizes,
Our indifference, her fading beauty the cost,
Look at my withered hands, she grieves.

Arise, our dear friends,
Stop nature’s degradation, the least we can do,
And build a future that never ends,
Humans and nature in love, saying 'I do'.

‘We impact lives’ our philosophy roars,
If you want to change the world,
Change the heart of the little ones,
We’re told.

With every compelling read we publish,
With every little heart we touch,
Education is our passion,
We are Hypersurf Corporation.