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Mahkota Parade

Mahkota Parade supports marine turtle conservation efforts through the ‘Save a Life’ Mid-Term School Holiday Campaign
In conjunction with the mid-term school holiday from 23rd May to 16th June 2015, Mahkota Parade created an Augmented Reality programme featuring the Hawksbill turtle as their main highlight to create awareness and educate the shoppers on the plight of the hawksbill turtles and the importance of saving them. This was the first augmented reality programme in Melaka allowing shoppers to experience this endangered sea turtle species in an interactive manner.

Mahkota Parade aimed to raise RM 10,000 throughout the campaign period to support the conservation of the hawksbill turtles by channelling the proceeds from the entrance tickets to the augmented reality show towards WWF-Malaysia’s conservation efforts.
	© Poster courtesy of Mahkota Parade
'Save a Life' in Mahkota Parade.
© Poster courtesy of Mahkota Parade