Everyone Invited to Exhibition in Support of ‘Mother Nature’ | WWF Malaysia

Everyone Invited to Exhibition in Support of ‘Mother Nature’

 Theme: Nurturing Nature
Art for Nature (AFN) is an annual charity art exhibition that has been held in support of WWF-Malaysia since 1997. It is a unique event for Malaysian and international artists to showcase their artworks inspired by ‘Mother Nature’. This is the third year that AFN will be held in Penang, and 50% of the proceeds from the sale of artworks will be channelled to WWF-Malaysia’s conservation efforts. The exhibition includes artworks by renowned artists such as Awang Damit Ahmad, Delwin Cheah, Lim Anuar and Christine Das.
Admission is free.
Date: 7 to 17 January 2017
Times: Monday to Friday 11:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 11:00am to 8:00pm
Hin Bus Depot,
31A, Jalan Gurdwara,
Georgetown, Penang.
At the official opening, Yg Bhg Dato’ Dr Dionysius Sharma, WWF-Malaysia Executive Director/ CEO said, “Art for Nature 2017 is aimed at nurturing environmental conservation awareness among members of the public. Like a nurturing parent, ‘Mother Nature’ provides us with resources that we need to survive, such as water. For example, the Ulu Muda forest in Kedah is one of the most important water catchment areas for the northern states of Peninsular Malaysia. This magnificent forest provides upstream protection of major rivers that supply water for domestic, industrial and agricultural uses. The Ulu Muda forest provides 96% of all water to Kedah, the ‘Rice Bowl of Malaysia’, as well as 80% of all water to vibrant Penang, which is one of the nation’s most important industrial and tourism hubs.”
“We should value all nature’s gifts to us, and protect our nurturing living planet from threats such as unsustainable logging. WWF-Malaysia is working to protect vital forests such as Ulu Muda. We are advocating gazettement of Ulu Muda Forest as a protected area, and developing a Payment for Ecosystem Services scheme to ensure that the forest is safeguarded and can continue to benefit the nation. WWF-Malaysia is also undertaking research to understand the effects of land-use changes to the quality and quantity of water there, as well as developing an economic case for the protection of Ulu Muda. We hope that these efforts to nurture nature will protect our natural resources, which will be critical in nurturing future generations in time to come,” he added. 
For further information please email Ms Sharon Lo at slo@wwf.org.my
Art for Nature 2017 participating artists:
Alice Chang Oi Lai
Awang Damit Ahmad
Cheong Mei Fong
Chia Tick Chiam
Choo Beng Teong
Choy Meng Foong
Christine Das
Delwin Cheah
Esther Reutens
Felysia Chew Shin Yin
Heng Eow Lin
Jason Min
Kay Loo
Ken Ooi Chee Kheng
Khor Seow Hooi
Lim Anuar
Lye Yau Fatt
Lynz Lee
Moy Siew Ting
Nasir Nadzir
Pheh It Hao
Santhi d/o Palanisamy Pillai
Simon Tan
Tan Choon Ghee
Teng Yin Teik
Thomas Powell
Wong Siew Inn
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Art For Nature 2017
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