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What You Can Do

Everybody has an important role to play in tiger conservation. You too can do your part!
Spread the message
Learn as much as you can about tigers, why they are important, and what causes them to be threatened. Share this information with your family and friends, spread it over social media, and write in to local newspapers and magazines.

Let decision-makers know your concern
Write in to your elected representative, government officials and even the Prime Minister to let them know you are concerned about tigers. The more people join in, the better!

Help stop the wildlife trade
Don’t buy or consume tiger parts or products that claim to contain parts of tigers, and don’t patronise restaurants that serve tiger or any other exotic meat. Also report any offences pertaining to wildlife to the Wildlife Crime Hotline at 019-3564194.

Support environmental conservation organisations
Lend your support to organisations which work to conserve tigers and their habitats. Make a donation, or volunteer your time and expertise to help them carry out conservation initiatives.

Be sustainable
Reduce your consumption of items which are derived from natural resources, to reduce pressure towards the habitat of tigers and other wildlife. Wherever possible, choose items that are sourced from sustainable production methods.  
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Don't let their tears fall down again. Let's all do our part to ensure tigers stay alive in the wild, where they should be. Tigers have every right to live as we humans do.
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Save them before it's too late! They are our national pride.