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What You Can Do

To help tigers to stay alive longer...

Everybody has an important role to play in tiger conservation. You too can do your part!
  • SMS reports of any suspected crimes involving tigers and their prey to the Wildlife Crime Hotline at (+6) 019 356 4194.
  • Contact the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (PERHILITAN) at (+6) 03 9075 2872, website: http://www.wildlife.gov.my if you have any information on anyone selling or trapping tigers and other protected species or trading in their parts and products.
  • Increase your knowledge on tigers and share it around. Write in your views on tiger conservation.
  • Protect their habitat; do not support haphazard development. 
  • Learn more about human-tiger conflict at www.tigersalive.com
  • Don’t buy tiger parts or products that claim to contain parts of tigers.
  • Don’t patronise restaurants that serve tiger or any other exotic meat.
  • Don't consume tiger meat or other tiger-derived products
  • Do not support zoos, theme parks or private collections that display illegally acquired wildlife.
Malayan Tiger <i>(Panthera tigris)</i>
Malacca Zoo, Malacca 
	© WWF-Malaysia/Mike Kavanagh
Let's all do our part to ensure tigers stay alive in the wild, where they should be. Tigers have every right to roam the earth as we humans do. Learn to live in harmony with them...it's not impossible.
© WWF-Malaysia/Mike Kavanagh
  • The tiger is one of the most revered, feared and yet popular species on Earth. It is perhaps the ... 
	© WWF/Vladimir FILONOV