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A field biologist is conducting camera trap training to Perak State Parks Corporation (PSPC) rangers.
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Poaching is the most critical and urgent threat towards the survival of tigers and other wildlife. People can encroach into our forests to conduct illegal activities with little fear of being caught, because government agencies generally lack the manpower and resources to patrol huge swathes of forest. 

Even foreigners from Thailand and Indo-China frequently encroach into our forests, as many of their forests have already been depleted of wildlife. 
The tiger trade is fueled by the demand for tiger parts, which are mainly used in traditional Chinese medicine. 

Even though there has been no scientific basis for their medicinal properties, the demand for tiger parts has increased, in part due to the increasing affluence of the mainland Chinese. 

In some parts of the world they are also hunted as trophies, especially for their skin.

WWF-Malaysia aims to strengthen the protection of tigers and their prey in the Belum-Temengor Forest Complex by providing support for the authorities to conduct patrolling and enforcement activities more effectively. 

Any information gathered will also be conveyed to the authorities for further action to be taken. Other objectives include providing technical support to implement SMART patrolling, as well as working towards achieving CA|TS for Royal Belum State Park (CA|TS is a set of minimum standards for effective management of tiger conservation areas). 

In addition, WWF also carries out lobbying efforts to push for critical wildlife resources and habitat linkages to be conserved and enhanced. 

Evidence of Illegal Activities

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