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Partners & Funders


  • Sabah Wildlife Department is the Sabah government authority for legislation and policy regarding wildlife; regular liaison, already established by WWF-Malaysia since 1988, will be continued.
  • Sabah Forestry Department (SFD) is the agency responsible for law enforcement and policy on forest management including forest assessment. WWF-Malaysia will continue to work with the Forest Research Centre of SFD to develop information and protocols relating to forest restoration for timber production and wildlife habitat improvement.
  • Sabah Foundation (SF) supports the programme by providing facilities such as accommodation, research centre in the study field site and transportation. Most of the important forest areas for wildlife in Sabah are managed by SF.


WWF-Germany supports this programme in the Ulu Segama–Malua Forest Reserves.

and WWF-UK funds orang-utan conservation work in North Ulu Segama.