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My Fin My Life Campaign

Remember, our greatest strength is our numbers—we are millions motivated to act on behalf of sharks. Therefore, please take up the shark fin soup bowl challenge.

My Fin My Life campaign
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It is estimated that at least 100 million sharks are killed per year.  Sharks are sought for fins, meat, leather, liver oil and cartilage. In Malaysia, shark fins are gradually introduced to new market segments and not limited to the Chinese population.
Malaysia is ranked as the world’s 9th largest producer of shark products and 3rd largest importer in volume terms (Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, State of the Global Market for Shark Products report, 2015). 84% of imported shark fins were consumed domestically. In the past ten years (between 2004-2011,) the volume of shark fin consumption has increased by an average of 54% per year.
Together with Sabah Shark Protection Association (SSPA), WWF-Malaysia is organizing “My Fin My Life” campaign from January to July 2016. For this shark campaign, WWF-Malaysia is also collaborating with Reef Check Malaysia, Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Selangor, Branch Marine Group, Shark Savers and Scuba Schools International (SSI). This is the first nationwide campaign for shark conservation which runs consecutively in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Kota Kinabalu.
The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness on the importance of sharks in maintaining a balance in the marine ecosystem and sustaining our seafood. This is to bring the message that the demand for shark fins is threatening not only sharks but human survival. WWF-Malaysia aims to reverse the present scenario of high shark fin consumption in Malaysia by engaging businesses to unanimously pledge not to serve, purchase or trade shark fin and products. Hence, WWF-Malaysia is targeting hotel chains, restaurants, businesses and corporations, associations, club houses and wedding planners to commit to no shark fin and products; to choose sustainable alternatives to shark, and to offer fin-free wedding packages.

My Fin My Life Campaign Goals

·   To sensitize 20,000 restaurants to phase-out shark-fin soup from their menus.
·   To engage 1,000,000 Malaysians to support the call for ‘no shark-fin soup’ by taking up the shark fin soup bowl challenge at
·   To get 500 businesses to commit to removing shark-fin soup from their menus or when dining.

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