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Freshwater Aquaculture in the Selangor River Basin

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Fish culture in floating cages
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Towards sustainable freshwater aquaculture

The Selangor River basin is one of most important freshwater fish production corridors in the country. Within this basin, freshwater aquaculture farms are found mainly in the Gombak and Hulu Selangor districts. Aquaculture activities require good quality water but effluents discharged from these activities could pose environmental problems particularly on the Selangor River’s water quality.

To assess the environmental impacts from freshwater aquaculture and recommend measures for sustainable development of this industry, a study on Freshwater Aquaculture in the Selangor basin was commissioned under the Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM) joint project by the Malaysian and Danish governments. This study involved determining the status of freshwater aquaculture within the Selangor River basin by identifying the location and extent of aquaculture farms, systems and commodities available, volume and wastewater discharged and the receiving waters for the wastewater. In addition, the study also analysed issues that impact on the sustainable development of freshwater aquaculture such as land development and zoning, wastewater management, guidelines and legislation.

This multi-disciplinary study brought together specialists in aquatic environment, aquaculture, land use planning and GIS (Geographical Information System) from the Selangor Water Resources Management Authority (SWMA), Selangor’s Department of Fisheries (DoF) and Department of Environment (DoE) as well as WWF-Malaysia.

The findings and recommendations of this study, together with those from several other studies in various key river basin management aspects undertaken by other groups, contribute to the development of the IRBM Plan for the Selangor River basin. The IRBM Plan is currently being formulated and expected to be ready by 2007.

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