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FEE EcoCampus

A field visit to FOLO farm during the BB4SCP 2017 where delegates learnt about sustainability in the farming industry.
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Planting Seeds of Sustainability in Future Leaders through our Youth Programme

Today’s generation of youth is the largest the world has ever known. One in every three people alive today is under the age of thirty, and around ninety per cent of young people are living in developing countries, mainly Asia and Africa.
Malaysia is no different; the youth represents the biggest demographic group, accounting for half of our population. Our youths today are more informed, more tech-savvy and more connected than any generation before.
Riding on this momentum, the Education for Sustainable Development programme introduced the FEE EcoCampus. Like Eco-Schools, FEE EcoCampus is an international award programme that guides all third level institutions on their sustainable journey, providing a simple framework to help make sustainability an integral part of campus life. 
Recognising the need to also empower the students beyond their campus life, the programme initiated a youth conference on sustainability called Building Bridges for Sustainable Consumption and Production (BB4SCP).
The conference’s theme is set aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. The delegates take part in hands-on workshops, parallel sessions, mini projects, forum, round-table discussions, community service activity and field trips. Industry experts are also invited to help paint a better understanding on sustainability.
The first conference in 2016 gained participation from over 70 youths who were empowered to change their lifestyle in regards to their electricity use, seafood consumption, wood product usage and many more.
Fueled by the momentum from the first conference, the FEE EcoCampus team organised the second edition last year in Johor, which aimed to educate youths’ consumption habit in food and fashion.  
The conference aims to inspire youths to make conscious decisions on their daily consumption habits by providing them with the opportunity to explore other sustainable options. To bridge the gap between consumers and producers, the conference combines a fair that featured eco-organisations providing sustainable choices in terms of products, services and ideas.

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FEE EcoCampus
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