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Earth Hour City Challenge

Earth Hour City Challenge

WWF is challenging cities to do more than turn out their lights for Earth Hour.
The Earth Hour City Challenge is a year-long competition among cities to promote renewable energy and prepare for climate change. Malaysian cities that participate are recognised for their efforts in joining  the global movement to create more sustainable, resilient cities and compete for the title of Malaysia’s National Earth Hour Capital. Cities need to transition towards the ideal goal of 100 percent renewable energy and address local climate threats by implementing practical measures that improve air quality, protect water supplies and reduce urban flooding and other forms of environmental problems. With your support, your community may also take the relevant action needed to assist local governments.

City Council/Municipal Staff

The Earth Hour City Challenge recognises cities for adopting renewable energy and preparing for climate-related severe weather. Joining is easy and participating cities will have a chance to win the title of Malaysia’s Earth Hour Capital.


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